Supply Chain


Paragon Management Group (PMG) is a business segment leader in creating supply chain solutions. PMG utilizes a multipoint EMPact® process to analyze the needs of the client, The resulting supply chain process is leaner, more responsive and more cost effective, After a comprehensive on-site analysis, PMG identifies continuous improvement opportunities that can save both time and money. PMG’s Quick View summary provides a list of benefits that your organization will realize by optimizing your supply chain.


Productivity is defined as the output of a process per unit of input. Successful businesses inevitably have higher levels of productivity than its competitors. PMG’s engagements are designed to transform the way organizations manage challenges. PMG enables new ways of thinking while revitalizing employee commitment. PMG’s approach involves all levels of the organization in the productivity improvement process. We believe this promotes ownership of the solutions that are developed thus making the new processes integral parts of the way work will be done in the future.